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Platform 21 – Repair Manifesto!

December 2nd, 2011

Downloaded over one million times!

Platform21’s Repair Manifesto opposes throwaway culture and celebrates repair as the new recycling. The last few months the Manifesto has been downloaded, blogged about and adopted all over the world.

The Repair Manifesto is part of the project Platform21 = Repairing for which we sought to make repairing cool again – over a period of five months.

Both with the help of designers and visitors, new repair techniques were developed and many ingenious repairs were carried out in Platform21.

Although the project has now ended in Platform21, it doesn’t mean we are dropping the repair mentality. Platform21 = Repairing will soon travel to New York, and we hope the manifesto will keep inspiring people to STOP RECYCLING and START REPAIRING!So rediscover the joy of fixing things and share your repair knowledge. Together we can keep this movement going, one that isn’t new per se but has been forgotten.



via Platform 21 – Downloaded over one million times!.

Manifeste des Digital Humanities | ThatCamp Paris 2010

September 17th, 2011

En mai dernier, ThatCamp se réunissait à Paris. Cette rencontre à été l’occasion de produire le Manifeste des digital humanities.Dans cette déclaration, ce groupe s’engage à faire engageons des digital humanities une compétence collective qui a vocation à devenir un bien commun. Ce manifeste est traduit dans une dizaine de langues et peut être signé en ligne.

Télécharger le fichier PDF de la version française
Télécharger le fichier PDF de la version anglaise

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